The Sun shines golden

The sun shines golden every day,

It lights up my world, it brightens my day,

It makes my fears, my worries melt away,

It tells me to smile, to hope, to pray.


It makes me want to fly soo high,

it makes me want to touch the sky,

It makes me want to soar, to roam, 

It shows me the world in a different light.


It inspires me to move on ahead,

to stop being doubtful, to hope instead.

To not be engrossed by guilt, or regret,

To forget the past, and move on to the road ahead,


It reminds  me that i will only live once,

i should spend my time caring for those i love,

I should breathe in deeply,

I should learn how to trust.


The sun comes up every day.

It brings bright colors to display,

but as the day goes on, and the sun goes away,

the night rolls in, and the moon comes in play.


Seeing how those bright colors fade into greys,

isn't easy for me, it makes me afraid, 

but if i just wait, until after that phase, 

I'll learn that after every sunset, comes a sunrise.

And the sun will come out again, and brighten my day.




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