As the Sun Rises, the Light Will Be Shown, As We Rise, the Lies Will Be Seen!


Ignorance is the new world power
They say they give us education but feed us from a spoon coated in arsenic

Governments claim they want what is best for their country

We're brainwashed so we will cower

Stomped on by feet that will crush our bones and kick

The subjects we learn are only placed to assure our compliancy

We're taught to accept our fates, unable to afford higher education, scraping loans from a government that seems it will forever tower

Only compensation keeps us in line, and media brainwashing keeps us fromreleasing our inner psychotic

Media keeps us in place, we must tear off the binds of the puppet masters and rebel, to see what is truly best for our own safety

We think we live in safety, but those with the minds that have broken free live in fear

The power of the corrupt grows thick, religion tightens the blinds we once saw through, now they use it against us to keep the order

We must rise against by using intelligence, rationality, and our hearts

No longer listen to what they pressed into our minds, what they seared.

Search for what has happened in the world, look beyond our own safe borders

Are we helping countries or just using them for resources? The world that we have begun to try to control is just one big market

Our people need to demand more education, more answers, and must destroy the barriers that keep us from controlling our own destinies!

Rise up, rebel, and fight back for what you think is right, not just for us, but for the world!

Don't listen to the swine, become Circes!

We must rise from the shadows and claim back power, to help the world, to help ourselves

Do not just search for gold!




 Powerful poem, and I very much agree. Great Job

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