Sun Bleached Bones...

Hit by a car
on the road
thrown to the side
where no one goes
head is pounding
nose is broken
ribs are shattered
cars are laughing
speeding by
when I am seen
they cross the street
breath is dying
heart is crying
lungs are burning
and I can't breath
sunlight brightens
road is burning
under me
I weep silently
yearning for someone
to help me
to late
they passed the place
where I lay
suffering all alone
am I still living?
am I alive?
abandoned on the street
I suffer painfully
eyes are closing 
breath is stopping
not beginning
limbs are stiff
I am inflating
just to burst
skin is shallow
stomachs concave
air is stinking
they cover their noses
"poor thing" they whisper
and drive by
as I rot along the street
no one stops 
to pick me up
and bury me peacefully
as they drive by
finally, i am not alone
as crows peck out my eyes
and maggots crawl out of my mouth
and flies buzz all around
till they are gone
and I am still alone 
just a pile
sun-bleached bones
lying abandoned on the ground.



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