The Sun and The Moon

One day I looked up and saw the sun

Shining it’s brightest yellow

The sun said to me, “Am I amazing, sweet, glorious child?”

I turned and said

“Yes Sun, you are mighty, for you are the one who gives us light.”


Later that evening 

As I was walking in the park,

Staring at the stars twinkling ever so gracefully

The moon came to me and asked

“Fair Child, Am I the greatest light there is?”

I replied, “Yes Moon, you are indeed great, for you make the darkness bright. ”


The next morning as night met day

I woke with a start

The sun and the moon were in an argument so great that the sky was thundering

I asked them what it was all about

They told me they were arguing about who was the finest light of all around


The sun turned to me and said,

“Child, surely I am the best!”

I turned around to face the sun.

“No, someone else is.” I replied.


Then the moon jumped for joy, his smile precocious.

“Then I am the best!”

I replied, “No, someone else is.”

The moon's craters sagged in defeat

And the sun’s rays weren’t so radiant

But as the day went on the sun and the moon argued

Until only curiosity roamed around in their minds 


For days upon days,

They puzzled and puzzled

Over who, if not them, was the best

Finally they came asking,

Begging me to tell them


It was then, that day, that I told them

There is no one person better than the other

For when together we are best.


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