Summer Vacation phase 1

As my day begins, I wake up energized and excited, eager to go forth and explore the world as we know it, me, my comrades and all of our mutts, what to do first, we all muster at the corner, right next to my house, ready for our first great adventure, it's early morning, just beyond my breakfast, the dads are at work, the moms in their kitchens, once we get clear, out of her shouting range, we are safe! Now we are in charge! And gone for the day! It's the first day of summer vacation and we are large and in charge, the world where eleven-year-old boys make up the rules, lay down the laws of the neighborhood if somebody rebels, so here we all go, kids and bikes and dogs, it is quite a site to behold, it's organized mayhem at it's best, a beautiful ballet of confusion but somehow organized, our hair hangs down in our eyes, yet everything is clear, our plot is unfolding, it's off to our underground fort, hidden from the world, unseen to all, the lanterns are lit, we sit in our "garbage picked" chairs, and look through the dirty magazines stolen from my pop's secret stash, while we hatch out the days activities.
Now phase one is complete, we three amigos take flight once again, off to the party store where we always spend our allowance, on creamy, chocolatey, sugary, treats, here we go once again, we're back into motion, it's too hot to ride, so back to the house for our beach towels and fins, we're off to the pool to go swimming and cool down, and plot out phase two while the sun is still high in the sky, first we gotta get our lunch, we're not allowed in the house, so it's a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to be eaten on the porch or anywhere that's not in our house. We three musketeers all meet up again, in the usual place, we're done with phase one now it's on to phase two.

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My family
My community


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