Summer Trip

In the country summer
With no reservations of the mind
No opposition to the new
All gems and melodic trauma bereft of me

A few drops of divination to pass my lips
And conceive my warped notions
And I couldn't ever recount the night's revelations had in the
Length of the lifetime that had unfolded
While the sun was asleep

All I remember
A vintage black velvet glove on my left hand, a matching black scrunchy
Divine tones of golden rod, sweet honey; violent, vibrant reds bleeding, exhausting and dazzling me
Throughout splashes of laguna
Faded, warm-hued denim, wet and heavy
After I jumped in the pool

Pearly drops of dawn's dew, earth breathing clouds of steam intertwined throughout thickets of fog in a prehistoric sky
Slate beige, warm gray concrete and even lilacs, discrete lavender accents
An ocean of discovery and yet still more
Unpredicted exposition in youth

Infantile inquisition crashed, ricocheted off of a canvas of nerves
Tracheal resonance
Halt, satiate, release
As invisible hands swept the length of my arms and legs in synchronicity
And souls shot through my legs and feet
Forceful, opportunistic
Leaving me with only questions and
And now I feel I've always been here.


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