Summer Land



A pungent aroma of pencils

Crisp crackle of paper

Small talk by the lockers

Deafens us to sweet summer’s tune


Schoolroom walls replace

Boundless fields

And White boards

The broad, blue sky


We desire a summer freedom

Rolling grass and sunny days

For there’s eternity in a wild flower

And Heaven cannot be confined


We yearn to hold our destiny

That is as ephemeral as the mist

Slipping by our finger

As we stretch to hold it in


Infinity must lie in our palm

But our hands are bleeding and fettered

Tied to our desk; only through the window,

Can we gaze at a summer sun


Soon, green changes to yellow,

To red and orange

We must surrender to a harsh reality

And contain our endless wanting

 to escape.


Year after year, we wait

To be lost in the green, free fields ,

To hold the infinity of our freedom

And for the wind to carry us safety away


We wait

For summer 


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