In This Summer


I love the summer

The way the sun kisses everything in its path

drowning it in a glow as if it were lit up on a stage

awaiting for anxious eyes to watch their performance.


The air

is filled with a perfume of 

trampled grass, pollen, and musk

that comes from dirt and rotten leaves

And all of this seeps into the deep fragment of clothes and every strand of hair.


The warmth

seems to beckon the world to arise out from its winter slumber

underneath wool and cotton


It is as if the whole world is under some 

magical spell

where time can freeze

making infinite memories

drowned by waves of indescribable wonder

making even simple car rides through the country an adventure and a journey

walks transform into cinemas of awe striking beauty.


Love blossoms out of ashes

just as parched flowers bloom after a midnight storm

and even the most broken of hearts mend

only to turn and find love again.


Children's imaginations and minds soar to great heights

no longer limited by

the shackles

of cookie cutter education.


I love the extended days

the seemingly endless nights humid nights

and the bright stars that dance above my head

as I truly feel that I could do anything

in this summer.







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