Suicide poem


United States
26° 39' 11.0952" N, 80° 7' 54.0948" W


On the evening, drops out on by 
It leaks with a shallow spatter of Crimson 
The mournful day I as soon to come 
With non existing salutations 
Greetings or emotions 

A violet mind, to forget most of it
And yet it seems to drown the essence of my vision 
The Earthly stellar washes away the light 
That plague of dimness grow so near 
Like a cancer crawling through the paralyzed body motion 

The dove flies into the smoke for so long to return black 
Disdained beauty that bewilders my eye 
The innocence fades away in sin 
On a cliff of mournful sounds weeping 
Tears follows through skies unforgiving radiance 
It quietly enters the dimness of the dark to seize he heart 

The spirit sets to disintegrate to feel no grace nor agony 
But to begin the infatuation of insensibility 
Like if love ever existed 
The hollow mind that echoes throughout the tainted fields 
And shatters woeful compassions
My invisible thoughts flies along the tormented storm 
A cloud that hovers elsewhere 

The emptiness shall rule the day
If mercy should not give, nor pity will do
The intending touch and feeling of an absent emotion through years
Contemplating this strike 
And yet memories seem to haunt me of a form of a ghost 
The dense forgotten embodiment of new life 
The romantic touch I await to catch a glimpse of the moral bliss 
If I should squeeze her hand or one kiss 
Feel the awakening but yet atrocious living soul 
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Our world



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