Suicide Note........Boom


My brain is on fire,
I have no desire,
To live a life in this world.
Looking back to see what I've done,
I take a glance, my accomplishments are none.
Looking at people who look past me,
Speaking to people who are deaf to hear,
Waking up to a bed alone,
Screaming out, my frustration shown.
Always feel inside, looking out,
Locked in a bedroom, wishing to break out,
The key is nowhere to be found.
Living a life disappointed and empty,
Never knowing a happy thought,
Forever feeling alone.
Sitting in this chair,
Looking down with a blank stare,
Ready to pull the trigger.
Trying to remember a happy thought,
Only to hear the sound of the rifle shot.

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Wow this is a good poem. It has a lot of emotion and its very intense. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.



Thanks for liking this one, poems like these are hard for your audience to comprehend because of the nature of the write, so it is a risk trying to create something like this to be liked.  I will make it over to your page and read some of yours.  Thanks again.

I have a face book poetry profile Jerred L Coleman if you want to check that out.


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