Suicide Bridge

one last desperate plea, one last call for helping hands
to give him reason, give him ground on which to stand
he could hardly tell, as he glanced around the room
that life went on per usual despite his overwhelming sense of doom

he thought, what happened here,
are these people not to blame
they've tried to fix me but I've slowly gone insane
and while breathing in, he slipped quietly to the door
his mind set on a path that he could no longer ignore

and his racing thoughts did little to save him time
and his broken tears he shed not for his life, but for mine
and all his friends he'll leave wondering what went wrong
he drove faster to the speeding tempo of his song

that only he could hear, that spoke of suicide and hate
that sucked him in while we were oblivious to his pain
and if you've ever wondered what form such deep sorrow takes
it's the crack of skull on concrete as a human detonates


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