Suicidal Romance....


United States
37° 35' 0.3948" N, 77° 25' 6.8088" W

the tears erode my heart
as the colorodo carved a canyon
my life it fell apart
when you died myself my faith abandoned

as the river ran it's course
with my life and heart eroding
my health was getting worse
as i cut with blades corroding

now the river ran of blood
cause the tears just weren't enough
to cleanse my past of mud
what i need is just your love

but we a world apart
can no longer seek communion
be through speech or occult art
our hearts won't reach reunion

my knowledge of the cure
though impossible to attain
feeds in me a fear
of living a life without the pain

by now the paim's complete
a necessity a need
no more feelings to deplete
just a continuance to bleed

though a pain can't mask a pain
i strive to prove this wrong
still the blood brings not a change
but the end to this sad song


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