A Suggestion For Progression


United States
30° 39' 47.2536" N, 95° 32' 26.628" W

Who am I, who am I?
Just a girl with tear stained eyes
Ruined and restless upon
My woman's thighs
Our love is shy...
Tell me, how is your hatred
Not a form of oppression
We are supposed to step forward
But where is the progression?
Let me make a suggestion.
This is not black and white
Yet it's as simple as color,
Just lay down the differences
And respect each other.
I'm as different from you
As you are from me.
Let me be.



your poem is heartfelt and deep. I love your use of rhymes and rhythm. You are lucky to have found love in a world so cruel. I know nothing of you or your lover but I am envious. Truly envious of a love frowned upon by society, burdened by ostracization yet a burden that doesn't have to be held alone. You are deeply rooted in emotion and you use your intellectual mind to speak your mind. An amazing poem from an amazing girl.

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