I’m weak

And you don’t even realize

From the sway of my walk to the way that I speak

It’s all because of you

When your palm touched my cheek

That day

When you lay in my arms

So tame

Sound asleep

I’m weak

It hasn’t been just as simple as two female bodies

Entwined, grinding

And winding around the stems of roses

You spoke my name like

The winds of time were unraveling within

The sound of your alluring voice

As is the very meaning of existence in its enirety

Lies wherever your soul lies

Where do you hide it?

It still doesn’t even matter that I’m suffering

I’m taunted by the fact that I’m not holding all of you

I’m holding part of you and someone else

I’m suffering

You and someone else.

I’m growing weaker,

And you don’t even realize.


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