All you see, is all about me

The life I live is the life to succeed

Me, me, me, it is I on top

For power, for money, I’ll do nothing to stop

We live in a world where number one is the best

We do not appreciate any of the rest

Who are we to open our eyes

When we do not have the patience, tolerance, or time

The way we live is corrupt and materialistic

It was not God but us who picked this

What we have and what we wear defines us

Best house, best car, best phone is my treasure

But when we pass and leave this world can we take those treasures as well?

The only thing we have in the next world is the thing we do not work on at all

It is our soul  that needs to be enriched and enlightened

Without that there is no backbone for our being

Walk away from conformity and take a new path

Learn about the world and its historical past

Ever been to Laos, Angola, or Haiti?

They suffer with oppression, starvation, and poverty

They do not have a home or a warm cooked meal for dinner

But they experience love, joy, and laughter

They take nothing from the world, but instead give

They give life to each other, and that’s what allows them to live

We act like savages, tearing each other apart

Stabbing our friends without a thought

Congratulations you made it to the top

You lost your friends, your family, and your soul

How can you live when it’s so lonely and cold

Was the envy and selfishness worth it?

Because now you realize how many you hurted

What happened to that love, joy, and laughter?

All you do is sit in a dark, cold office

Constantly answering calls, not one from a friend

So did you really succeed or bring your life to an end?

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