Submission dew


Outside my dusty windows
pitch black
dogs barking
cats hissing
four in the morning
eyes glued together
door opened creaking
"wake up, wake up, subuh"

lights turned off
fans switched off
my heart inside: "Huh...reversed psychology"
eyes still glued
blankets being pulled
patience at its peak
"alright, alright! im up!"

sitting on the edge of the bed
feets reached the floor
water drank
organs inside "woken up"
felt fresher than before
walked to bathroom

water turned on
splashed onto face
looked into mirror
eyes met
"what a mess..."
toothbrush reached
toothpaste empty, ditched
opened a new one
teeth brushing: done
felt even fresher than before

two hands washed,
nose cleaned,
niat recited,
face washed,
arms till the elbows,
forehead reached,
two ears cleaned,
feets done.
felt super fresher than before.

ran downstairs
straight to surau
performed subuh with jemaah


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