Stuttering Speak

When I was 4, I spoke with a stutter. 

My parents were concerned- I, I, I, didn't know I spoke the way I did. 

When I, I, I, was 8, my stutter went away. 

No, it did not vanish, it made a home in my brain. 

I, I, I stutter when I think. 

To my advantage my disadvantage worked with me- 

I, I, I have been forced to think about what I say, because it does not come out quickly. 

Poetry, though, can be read any way, any speed, from any voice, voices that stutter;

And voices that don't.  

Poetry does not discriminate based upon my or your ability to speak, poetry is

all-loving, accepting,

hope-showing and an all-knowing art form.

I, I, I am a poet, not because I think slowly and catiously, or because I learned

to speak later than most,

I, I, I am a poet because I have things to say, and poetry will never ridicule the hopeful. 




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