The Stunt


It's bright, so bright, too bright.

Shining, blinding, burning the light. 

Standing next to the sun, unimaginable height.

Forced ot go down, using all of my might. 


The wind blows, brushing leaves, dust, and hair. 

No one around, the misery can't be shared. 

One step forward, more than I dare.

All alone, not a soul who cares. 


Falling, wind brushes, harder, faster.

Falling, the sun flies away. Dimmer. 

Falling, soul-crushing realization. Matter.

Falling, I'm done for. Goner.


Darkness surrounds, grabbing, haunting. 

No escape, no knowing, no mourning.

Can't see, can't hear, can't feel, dying.

Now, in the ground, no more living.


The light shines again, I see. 

I hear voices, they say to breathe.

I inhale, my lungs fill, i'm free.


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