Stuff You Can't Say To Your Teacher


The food here sucks

The subjects do too

We would actually try

But we don’t give a poo


Since we don’t care

We don’t ever try

The teachers are such buzzkills

And it causes us to cry


We’re forced to bite our tongues

And hold things we can’t say

Unless you want your teacher

To give you a very bad day


I rarely finish homework

History is so lame

P.E. is much better

Because I have some game


The final grades are decent

Joy makes teachers leap

Because of so much homework

We can barely sleep


We have lots of homework

That’s why we’re so tired

Whoever made us do it

Really should be fired


That’s not the only problem

The lunches also stink

They’re undercooked and flavorless

With mystery meat so pink


We’d love to rant these words

But it’s best kept to ourself

So we write them in our books

And hide them on our shelf


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