Stuff you can't say to your teacher


The food here bites

We're reading for our lives

Hunchbacks with Life hacks

We've got too many books

The home works too hard

The lessons  too long

Tomorrow's already lost

Sleep's a foreign mystery

The hall a road of misery

#2 Pencils are out of date

Your red pen's glare,

A miser's date

Lest we lose control

The dream of recess

The hope of humble lunches

The wish for excellence

No more sloppy joes

No more packets of caculated nonsense

Speak to me

Hear my call

Say my name

And know one thing

The roster doesn't frame me

My GPA doesn't define me

Your clipboard, your bowtie

Are no right to deny me

Of my education

Of my retribution

As a student

As a leader

As a person

Flesh and blood

Pen and granite

Watch and wonder

As we stand it

Students, we stand

Ready to fight

For a better day

A shorter night

Into the world

Of the educated




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