Scoop out my insides and take from me what shouldn't be mine.

Blinding pain, pounding guilt, drowning in sadness.

It doesn't end.

Forever doomed to question, wonder, dream, who, what would you be?

Overburdened with responsibility.

Needing, wanting to purge my soul, but fear and loss overwhelm me.

Never will I know what was the right thing to do.

Mistakes are like weights on my ankles. I feel relief only to have everything come back around again.

It never truly ends.

All I'll be is a lost memory.

A cloud in the sky.

A piece of foam in the blue sea.

I wish I was Alice in a world of wonder and imagination.

Twisting down a spiral staircase.

Poetry became the stool that kept me from choking.

I found happiness and that was taken from me.

I'm always teetering between right and wrong.

Desperately needing, wanting, asking to purge my soul, but nothing slips past my lips.

Poetry has kept me sane.
Given me a reason to stay.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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