Stuck Up (Spoken Word/Acapella)

Stuck up I'm a stuck up Filipino

TNT livin cus my life is so illegal

And All I wear is brands

But give no fucks about my people

So I pray to god for help protect me from this evil

Workin overtime so my money come in three folds

Man they look down on me, but my footwork really be cold

I'm lethal

Like my fascination to be regal

So we wear white gowns in a white man's cathedral

Please yo

Forgive me for my honesty

But honestly we really are divided as a colony

Assimilated faces that ignore the brown man's poverty

Corruption is disguised as democratic sovereignty

Politics is war and pay the churches for the votes

And orphans sellin cigarettes, young girls work as hoes

True guerrilla units that won't shoot cha for the skrilla

But to show up the opponent just to flex that they will kill ya

Don't refuse to rise above or you'll fall victim to the slums

Of ya mind and succumb to the vices that'll feed ya soul crumbs

Take a step back and see the people they've become and take a look bak at ya self and remember where yu from

We exploit our community cus we foolishly are losing ourselves ruthlessly

It's been over a century that we were enslaved by the Spanish

But we're still enslaved cus we self suffer in our anguish

From never reclaiming our own independence frm the rulers we banished

And seem to to ignore the fact that we need cultural advancement

So maybe I'm a little brash for assuming that we're backwards

But the good thing about history is yu can always write a chapter.


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