A place I feared to be in to have someone look me in the eyes with suck disappointment

as the words we need to talk ego though my head 

sweaty hands as my heart begin to pound as i though of a guy that wanted us to last for year

to only realizing that we had reach our ending point 

texting people for advice as I sat down alone wishing that I didn't have to hurt you 

 but be happy as your face changed at the sight of me

Seating in the cold air rather then walk away and just run as I had to repeat the image in my head 

people telling me that I had no choose but something that  had to be done

Feeling shellfish as I kick and stomped on his heart 

as he had no clue on what was approaching him

stuck in the middle "the love triangle" I keep rewinding myself back in the rotation

To watch myself spin out of control because my heart had the scream of a million cries

to invasion the person I admire from a distance as a brick wall stood between us

As I raze the brick wall not caring of all the damage that I have cause

but be hand in hand with what I was craving to reach

To suddenly take a second to  look back only wanting to cry to see brick thrown everywhere

as I tried  to be so  gentle as I said the words slowly only knowing that what I was saying was something that replay in my head

Your face was still and the bus begin to look 

Stuck with no escape as teas rolled down my face 

To be rewarded from something so illogical that had no way to make it easy

Stuck in he middle I stayed lost within my thoughts that yelled at me  

To look at someone else in the eyes and be held  because it was something

That left me no longer in the middle but in the hands of something

I can call my  happiness



This poem is dedicated to my best friend NATYAH. I hope I helped to express the way you were feeling yesterday. 

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