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I am walking. . walking with no destination in mind. .

There are lights and people, so many people around. . .

They stop, they stop to speak to me and yet I continue walking. . Walking with no destination in mind

I turn in circles searching for what seems like an endless amount of time 

FINALLY I've found my elusive destination I'm not too far behind

Almost there! I can feel it I can taste it VICTORY! It's almost mine. .

There's nothing left to do but to keep walking and walking. .

Surrounded by people and voices

They're speaking, talking but I keep walking attempting at a true love that I will never find. .

He's elusive, closed off, and deprives me of time...

What to do? What to do?

Should I just give up and cry?!!


I cannot, love is eternally blind

So I keep walking and walking in the hopes that he will realize

I'm here, I'm the one, the one his hearts been looking for this entire time!

Open your eyes! Lest you cause us more unnecessary pain

My love I'm here and I'm STUCK won't you stop this childish game and be mine?!!

He can't hear me, he can't see me, he keeps walking and walking with long forceful strides

What.the.f#%! I'm so frustrated, I'm crying I'm letting everything out

Tired of walking and walking with no destination in mind...

All cried out, done with trying, so I wipe my tears and sit down..

Right here. On the sidewalk. Surrounded by people

Who keep talking, talking to me...

And finally I hear their words. .

Its OK God loves you, WE love you, I love you it's OK to cry

Get up baby, get up and keep walking

So I get up and I start walking..

This time I have a destination in mind. .

I'm no longer STUCK I'm no longer in pain I'm happy shining from the inside

Thank you, thank you for helping me when I was STUCK with little faith and no hope in sight

I love you too and yes I started walking

Walking with faith by my side and a promsing destination in mind...

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