The Struggling Seed

Thu, 11/07/2013 - 00:23 -- tovjstf

As a seed I am sprinkled into the rich dark soil, I’m a very difficult plant to grow.

It’s a difficult life to have autism.

But I don’t understand.

I am a Callery Pear tree.

I feel lonely and scared. No one is there to pay any attention to me.

I try hard to get out so someone will like me,

But I’m drowning in soil.

I can see some light.

I push toward the light. 

I can feel the warmth of the sun around me as I reach towards the sky and the soil falls away.

I break free and my leaves start to unfold to capture the rays of the sun.

I am nervous.

How am I to behave? 

Will I continue to grow? 

What is ahead of me? 

My leaves are starting to support me. I can feel the sun.

I can feel the rain. I can feel the cold.

I am losing my leaves.

I have lost part of me.

Can I overcome this obstacle?  Part of me has died and will never return.

I am given constant attention and fertilizer that helps me grow stronger.

Will I be big and strong, or will I be weak and need care? 

I struggle every day to be the tree I am meant to be.

I have been given support through my life in different ways and through the many stages as I continue to grow. 

I’m in command now of all the other plants and trees in the yard.

I tower over the others and absorb the sun. 

I protect and shade those around and underneath me from the challenges of nature. 

I give and return to them the support that was given to me so that they can be the biggest, best,  and most beautiful trees and plants that they can be. 

We all work together to be the most beautiful yard in our neighborhood. 

We receive compliments from the neighbors and strangers that pass by. 

Growing up with a disability can often be challenging and one can feel dark, lonely, and lost, but with good roots such as a loving and guiding family. Good teachers and good friends, I have been able to overcome the many difficulties I’ve had to face. 

 I realize as I go through life there will be many obstacles and opportunities and like a tree I am growing new branches and leaves everyday as I reach for the sun.   

I am looking forward to the next part of my life…


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