The Struggle For Rights

Tied down by social restraints and

Never being able to have that tie with someone that they love.

Pushed back by other people’s chains,

Their wishes can never be answered and given to their beloved.


Religion attacks with Adam and Eve and

A community of people can point out that it’s just plain wrong.

Our society has made it the norm to point away from church’s and say harshly to leave

They won’t be able to hear the church bells, which symbolize marriage, bong.


We are supposed to be “the United” and yet we are so divided

Simply because of whom people choose to be with.

Never given the right to love and provide,

As if there wrapped by a particularly thorny withe.


We are all humans and we all need that connection towards a special someone.

Why are these rights restricted just for loving someone of the same gender?

Why is it so hard to believe that a woman may not be looking for a husband?

Due to something that isn’t anyone’s fault, they cannot enjoy their splendor.


Civil right movements have come and went and now a new one is here,

One where the silence rings in the ears of the ones affected.

Maybe one day the struggle for rights will disappear,

Maybe one day no one will look down on homosexuality as being “defective.”


Martin Luther King, Alice Paul, Ella Baker, Malcolm X,

All of these historic figures have had their share of the limelight and

A new age approaches where people will fight for their rights of preference and sex.

Now it is time for gays to come off of the sidelines.


This “issue” is so trivial that it should never have been a problem.

Being able to marry who you want is the one act of love that everyone should have a right to.

Not to be forced to remain silent and solemn

And not to be encased in the mood of the blues


If I dare say that I support this “sinful” act what would happen?

I stand up and I’m an avid supporter to this community that has been silent for too long.

The people who are believed to be “misshapen”,

And are not according to God’s song


If I could change one thing in this world

I would make it so the homosexual community was given their rights.

Everyone is human, we all have hearts that beat, but we are different in our whorls,

Then this will all crumble and we can finally live united and everyone can be intertwined.


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