By Jason Bolton

Things were good for the first few years.

My Parents then got divorced and I started to shed some tears.

Stayed strong becaus, I knew a better thing was near.


Years had past and things once agan became right.

Than I noticed once again I had to stay strong and fight.


Couldn't believe my mom passed away.

Noticed my heart shortly starte to decay.

Kept looking foward for the next couple days.

But life for the next couple months was just  a gray haze.


When all of this happened my dad kept me strong.

But all of a sudden he knew something was wrong

So we went to the doctor and I couldn't believe what I heard.

I had cancer, which is such a scary word.


5 percent chance to live seemed very slim.

The light of my life was starting to dim.

But I still had my dad helping me through it all.

He made things fun even my life was on a free fall.


After nine months we found out I was cured.

I never could of thought I could have heard that word.

The years after that were the best of my life.

My dad even found he most perfect wife.


My life was perfect I was floating on the clouds.

But I fell from that cloud and the crash was loud.

Once again I had to stay strong and fight

My dad, my best friend passed away that night.


So devastated out of my mind, couldn't believe t was true.

Dad there was no one I loved more than you.

So how does this happen I am still so young?

Than I ask the question does god hate me do I belong?

Well for right now I am just going to keep being strong.

This poem is about: 
My family



My life has been tough but I aspire to be the best Jason Bolton that I can be every day.  It was a hard experience to go through my mom passing away from alcohol problems, me having a rare form of luekemia and dad passing away in a tragic accident. I expessed my emotion through this poem. I realy need scholarship for college and hope this can help I really poured my heart out.


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