The streets

N- 95 left and right, yet they are not even wearing it right

nurses and doctors fighting to help while people scream in their faces 


theres nothing left to do but wait...

Asians on the street left for dead all because they dont look like them

what did I do?

you brought it here!

stop hurting me

you deserve it, they scream but they dont know that they were born here

no more test and no more help

what will the govenment do in such a time

stop the economy and now no one has a job

the immigrants can not even get the check

check.. check it out the 6 ft apart rules

yet I still see people out and about

My body, My choice the protesters say

yet the immunocomprimised dont have a way

a way. away they say. get away... 

maybe summer will start

but people forget the Spanish flu wave two.

This poem is about: 
My country


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