On the Street Pt. 1


Mmm, child.

Walking around with your business all out in the street,for what?

One wrong move and we'll all be able to see up ya...girl.

And I know you know that we all know that you get your fans and little "friends" from putting out.

In the streets, in between sheets, at track meets, on a diet both fish and meat,

Not caring if you get fought, by a girlfirend or a boyfriend , you'll get down to it whenever, wherever.

Child, you aren't descreet!

But for why? WHY?

You are worth more than you could ever know, sweet stuff.

Deep under that near invisible shirt you got on, I know there's a heart,

And under that sew-in you THOUGHT had an invisible part, you got brains.

You can be somebody worth being, live a life worth living.

But I'll tell you now, young one, if you continue to put your body,

Your business,

Your unguarded emotions, and all that good stuff, in the street,

You'll probably end up on the street.




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