Street life😟

street;a place full of lessons .
one should test for him/herself no need to mention..
but let me tell about it without any tension..
the experience is hard and one must have a never give up kinda heart..

poverty is a rare thing but in the streets it's an usual thing..
here is where your profession becomes begging..
a place where no one experience the sweetness of life even usual things such as weddings..
sleeping outside turns out to be natural in the here picture how cold it is...

but no one cares for us
I always question myself;
are we not under government's care...
why is there no money allocated to help us
why do everyone take this unserious..
we are suffering ..
and no one is caring..

so let's stand up and be one...
help so everyone must be at least well..
the streets are hell...
enough on words lets just show actions

@willy steppa😍

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