Stray Children Welcome

You have squandered every dime you had to spare,

You have lost your home and left it there,

You have wandered far from Father's house,

But He is waiting for you and calling out.

Your heart's been broken many times,

Fear and neglect have been your crimes,

You have forgotten the way to family's arms,

But the Father knows just where you are.

You are lost like a sheep from his flock,

You have stumbled and fallen on every rock,

Your morals are flawed and repute is torn,

But in Father's house all hope is reborn.

You have bled scarlet and stained with salt tears,

And your mind has been wasted by the toil of years,

Yet God has been watching and hasn't gave up,

In the house of your Father is where you'll find love.

Love and acceptance that you've been denied,

Forgiveness and healing for all that you hide,

Hope in the Sheepfold of Father our God,

And patience and protection from evil lot.

The stray children are welcome here,

And room will be made, for God's children are dear.

His heart is for people and love is for you,

So He welcomes the strays, and He'll welcome you too!

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Our world


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