Sun, 03/11/2018 - 00:26 -- Pieu

In the crowd of strange faces,
Your seemed familiar.
I did not know you,
But you looked similar.

You were my distraction,
My reasoning to forget my worst connection;
Foxy little heart with shy nature,
All I thought he was a mere stranger.

Your story was never mine to tell,
Until we decided to fell.
You were supposed to stay a stranger,
Instead you decided to trace my steps.

You know the feeling,
When a stranger become a friend?
Might be more then a friend?

With you I was myself,
With everybody else I was shy.
I still remember when we use to be happy,
When ur face light up with your amazing smile;

It was the journey to fall in love with the stranger,
some feelings that turns to be common like that,
To feel absolutely free and wondering at most.
How evey touch can over power every moment,
How the smallest kiss cured all disease.

Heads over heels,
Butterflies over again,

May be it was my fault,
Maybe I felt too fast,
You dropped those three words,
Only to let me go in the end.

Our little secret,
Lips stay sealed,
Eye don't lie,
My beautiful stranger
Walk on:Bye.

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