Straightforward Questions For Christians

How do you determine whether Christianity has deceptive teachings or not?

Can you prove that all the reports and stories in the Bible are true?


Why do you present a teaching that is based on a set of beliefs as facts?

Do you think it is unreasonable to ask for proof of religious doctrines?


Is it wrong to doubt or reject a teaching that nobody can prove?

Should people accept information from the Bible without questioning it?


Why do you shun those who do not accept your teachings without proof?

Do you not think people have good reasons to be sceptical about your beliefs?


Are religious leaders the only persons who can interpret the Bible?

Is anyone able to interpret the Bible with a hundred percent accuracy?


Why do pastors, elders, etc. discourage you from thinking for yourselves?

Can you not read and study the Bible and understand it for yourselves?


Do you have a higher authority to use the Bible than others do?

Should an individual or group personalize the writings of an ancient book?


Does the Bible say only you should preach and teach about God?

Why do you take up God’s position as watcher and judge of the world?


Did you follow the Bible’s instruction and remove the rafter from your eyes?

Can you see clearly to remove the straw from another person’s eye?


Why do you display self-righteousness and behave as if you were perfect?

Have you forgotten what the Bible says about man’s righteousness?


Do you have to drag out a conversation before you answer a simple question?

Why do you not give straightforward answers to straightforward questions?


In whose name do the leaders of the churches collect money from you?

And in whose name do they bank the offerings, tithes, contributions, etc.?


Do you believe that God anointed the leaders of religious organizations?

Would your pastors believe you if you told them that God anointed you?


Does the Bible specifically state which persons would be anointed by God?

Where is the evidence of what the leaders of religious organizations told you?


How did you conclude that the Bible is a perfect book without proof?

Why do you try to defend the obvious flaws and contradictions in the Bible?

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