The Story of Us

I do not even know where to start with this
Every story has a formula, a tested pattern:
Beginning, middle, end
Logic would want me to start at the beginning
But how can I when it’s all a blur?

Do you remember?
Do you remember freshman year?
Do you remember all of the glances
All of the words left unspoken
All of the lost opportunities?

I’ve never been good with pretty girls
Let alone one as beautiful as you
And I know that I say that a lot
But how can I say something that can’t be put into words?
How can I say something that is more than a feeling?

Do you remember?
Do you remember sophomore year?
Do you remember all of the conversations
All of the laughs
All of things said with our eyes?

I think that covers the beginning
But what about the middle?
In a story, the middle is where we have the climax
A problem which the heroes have to overcome
And it just so happens that we have exactly that

Do you remember?
Do you remember that last day?
Do you remember what I said
All of the things that it set in motion
All of the feelings that it surfaced?

Even still I find myself having trouble
Trouble finding the words to describe you
Such a kind hearted person
A guiding light, a beacon
A person loved by so many

Do you remember?
Do you remember last summer?
Do you remember the talks we would have?
Do you remember all of the things we said
All of the times I wanted to say those three words
All of the late nights?

And then I did
Those three words which carry with them so much weight
Those three words which made my heart soar but terrified me
To this day I feel that way
A love for you and you only

Do you remember?
Do you remember the time that followed?
Do you remember all of those skype calls
All of those smiles that lit up the room
All of those times waking up to the love of my life?

That about covers the middle
But as for the end
I am going to try something not many do
Because right now there is no end
The future still lies ahead terrifying and alluring all at once

Just know how much I love you
You are my moon and my stars
You are mine and I am yours
And I hope to finish the story of us.

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