The Story of A Black Heart by: Jaay Dee Kayy

There was a young girl whose heart was filled to the rim,

With love, compassion, and the spirit of freedom,

The girl ran and played all day and had so much love to give,

But the heart had a hole in it, a piece missing;


She grew up a little, believing that it wouldn't affect her much,

Because if it did, why is she still filled with so much love,

She had people who were willing to sew her up,

But little by little, her blood began to drip, unnoticed;


As time went on, she finally found the missing piece,

It was close all along, in fact it was right up the street,

But the piece was so bitter, it was black with hate,

So she decided to try and fill the hole with other things;


As years went by, she tried many different pieces,

From many different places, for many different reasons,

At the time, she figured it was gonna make her whole,

But, really it was spreading many different types of poisons;


Then her source of love was stripped away...


The hole in her heart got bigger and multiplied,

So she filled the holes with anything that made her feel alive,

And this poison hit was big, and because the girl wasn't wise,

Her heart got darker and darker... until her heart died.



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