A Story About Nothing

Yeah this is a story about me, nothing. I am the one who feels blank spaces. I am the one who causes the silent sometimes I am nothing it is my name you say what you claim to have nothing wrong it’s true you have me because you said my name if you are a good person I stay in make sadness or anger go away but sometimes me and happiness fight because we’re not that good friends so they all leave for a while but I say I scare fear anger and sadness away but sometimes you’re not happy because me and happiness were fighting but you’re not sad either you are me nothing so vast and hard to explain so you just say nothing and it’s true yet with all I do for you sometimes you hurt yourself good people feel nothing so they hurt and me and pain are enemies so pain doesn’t come over like they should the beautiful people hurt themselves more so I leave pain will come over and sadness and anger come back sometimes happiness doesn’t come back though and pain stays instead and fear leaves for good so they hurt they’re mad and they’re sad so you leave forever and I’m the silence at your funeral I am nothing

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