Stories and Sonnets

Sun, 06/26/2016 - 22:38 -- T_C

It will sound silly, I am assured
But it started because I liked to tell stories
I talked of princesses saved and sickness cured
And laughing children and speeding Lorries
I was sure that everyone loved the tales they heard
That I never considered them just my glories

My sister told me one day that not everyone liked the sound of my voice
And that it would be better if I kept my tall tales to myself
But still I found time to hoist
My stories out of my mouth of skipping mice or a lonely elf
Even if I just spoke to myself while everyone else would rejoice
And only read stories from the books on the shelf

And I told myself that it was okay
Because then I didn't have to adhere to the linear perspective
That everyone wants stories to follow today
I could write a sonnet on the rock by the sea instead of
A sad girl by the ocean or a man made of clay
And nothing could happen but my story would still be effective

So I taught myself how to speak without saying a word
And I laughed at the magic that I alone was privy to
Even if I felt lonely enough for my vision to become blurred
And I compared it in poems to the morning dew
But I know that someday my poems will be heard
As I'll find someone who wants to listen, and that person is you


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