A Still Night

Mon, 07/21/2014 - 21:39 -- JordySP


Man really isn't meant to be alone…
At least not me.
It's partially fine when amongst company,
when they're gone…
the television's on…
and when that, along with the night is spent,
what's to stop the soft spoken from chiming in?
You listen…
and hear the truth which you've known all along.
That when it comes down to it…
you're really all alone...

What will a tear do with this pain…
From self pity,
exactly what can be gained.
If not i,
who then will ease my sorrow.
God i know,
but what of when I am burdened low
as tonight.
When it's hard to read those words of light,
and try as I may,
a prayer is beyond my might.

A bottle of love.
The passions of sex.
Seeking distraction
Searching for the next
Chasing a feeling
I now understand addiction
Who can deal with stillness,
when reality closes in on their position?

All these people
No one to listen
All I need
Is all I'm missing.

Words from a similar soul…
just a few would suffice.
But, who is like I.
Im not sure I've seen the like.

All these people
No one to listen
All I need
Is all I'm missing.

The longer I am still
the stranger my soul becomes.
If to come a kindred spirit will
for my sake, may they run.


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