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White picket fences with 2 ½ kids, and a man with a women.

Is there no in between?


No people from “hell” because apparently people who are different aren’t people at all.

A man with a women and

The same race.

But there’s no in between…

No bi-racial, Asian, African, Hawaiian, Mexican

Why can’t the world just accept that we as Americans are born to break the rules; because we can, as Americans.

Ha, yah, funny right?

Please, go ahead,


But please know that someone might tell you to stop being illiterate and speak like a normal human being.

But before you do, ask them this question:


What. Is. Normal?

“All men are created equal,”

But we aren’t treated equal because we’re different; but I guess being “equal” is what makes us so different.


We are unconditionally equal, aren’t we?

At least that’s what Mr. Jefferson said when he, you know, signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776

And he himself stated that “All men are created equal.”

Then why are hate crimes still going on?

Why do people still see LGBTQ+ couples and look away?

Yet it still it’s written that “All men are created equal.”

Then when I walk down the street, or I go to a restaurant and state that my mother and I are together, WHY are people still looking at me funny as they see my

Dark mocha skin

Compared to her

Beautiful winter tone.

We have all praised and awed at Michael Ore from The Blind Side for finding a family that was out of his own race…

Yet, I am sneered on my own discovery and happiness.

WHY? why…

Is it because my life was not written as a script or displayed on a movie screen for all to see?

Is it because I broke the stereotype that has been developed and accepted by many?

IS IT because Sandra Bullock’s perfect body doesn’t play the role of my mother?  

They say the only beautiful women you’ll ever see in your life are

Victoria Secret’s size zeros,

And the only handsome men you’ll ever know are Calvin Klein’s buff heroes.

And let me tell you something

My mother is the most beautiful woman I’ll ever see and she doesn’t even shop at Victoria Secret.

My father is just as handsome and he never modeled for Calvin Klein.

Everyone says that beauty is in the eye its beholder…

And I guess since these beholders see sun kissed bikini bodies as beautiful, and 500 pound bench pressing men as handsome, then it must be beautiful it just has to be true.

(I mean, I’m not against it…)

But when it becomes so serious that my homosexual best friend refuses—and even abhors—thinking that he’s beautiful and fabulous unless that scale reads below 100 then there’s a problem…

“I love you” I promise him.

“I love you despite what you look like and how much you weigh and any of the mistakes that you do…

I love you.”

And he responds to me that he knows, and to leave it alone,

But does he know enough to know that it is unconditional?

That’s something that I don’t know if he knows.

But…as Americans, I am allowed to love anyone despite their failings, despite their differences, despite the rules they break because I CAN!!!

And at the end of the day, because of the year 1776






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