Looking down the line before,

at the glimmering golden door.

My future lies just past,

but my feet are dragging me toward it fast.

I bury my heels and try to hold on,

and try to beat another dawn,

but celebrations all race forth

from much anticipated graduation

to recognition in senior sports.

Every step on the court I'd take,

would bring me one step closer to the stage

where I wobbled in my black high heels

and felt like I was balanced on wheels.

My heart shuddered when they announced my name

and I shakily climbed the gateway to the stage.

My ten seconds of fame had finally arrived,

once for a sport, and once before I took THE dive.

I took all kinds of awards in my hands,

From the staple diploma, to flowers from fans.

Cameras flashed all around

to collect the memory of all the sounds.

The sound of my name announced at last.

The sound of hands clapping in vast.

I stepped down from my throne on the stage,

and retired my jersey in the locker room's cage.

I proceed to pull my heels from the floor.

I gather my things and head for the door.

The knob a magical and polished bronze

as if enchanted by Potter's wand.

I twist it open excited to see

my goals and paths now revealed before me.

I fear not what I am to become

I know who I am, and where I've come from.

I am more than prepared to face any problem.

And as for my next steps, I'm ready to attack them.

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