The Steel Wheel


They can twist and turn,

bend and rend a thing into being,

or keep it from becoming.

A turn of the tongue,

a twist of the head,

a light...

What is beginning

to come into sight...

A thought that The Makers sent

or a rebel devised...

To be crushed

or given life...

In Mind.

The Steel Wheel,

a factory in tyme,

that turns and learns

and teaches.

Mistakes I've learned to tell...

A Warning...

To be this close is to be...

I've heard that everyone has a card,

and that everyone is a card,

and to become other than a card

Is a hand...

And Lord help you to be right.

I turned the key in the lock,

and with minimal trouble,

opened the door to my flat.

Out on the town,

stumbling and dumb,

a light inside

guided me to my desk.

How close I can feel to you,

my reader,

as I write,

...this close I can touch

and leave a bit of myself.

I'm very close,

almost being crushed,

...I can feel...

As I read these words...

Never forsake Love...

In any form...

For that is

all that I have


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