So much going on around me

wanna do right but wrong always surround me

I need something to keep me leveled

tried of  hearing these lies from the devil.


Everyone says be yourself but yet want you to be like them

but I all I want to be like is the man who saved me from sin

because I was made in his image

he said he'll be with me from start to finish.


The world is so full of distractions 

istead of making me whole they making me a fraction

The world can never give me true satsfaction 

only God can make me whole

not trying to be religous but when was the last time when  the desires 

of your five senses satisfy your soul.


They say it's impossible to live blameless but I say it's not true

just look at history and you see your proof

everyone likes to bash the innocent

but we all have faults but who's willing to be ambitious. 







istead of making whole they making me a fraction

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