Stay With Me Through Lifetimes

I'll look out one day
And I'll see it
I'll see the bright colors
Of the setting sun
The swath of brilliant reds and oranges and pinks
I could stare at it for hours
Sitting there, rocking slowly
Back and forth
The creak of the wood, music to my ears


I'll feel weary, tired
I'll feel the ache of my bones
I'll feel every wrinkle on my skin
I'll feel the cold of the metal
Wrapped around my finger
I'll feel my lips twitch in a smile
When I feel your fingers laced in mine
And I'll look over
Away from the beautiful sunset
Away from the picturesque sight before me


And I'll see you
Just as beautiful and handsome as the day we first met
You'll be looking away at first too
And I'll get to see those beautiful cheeks of yours
They'll never lose their perfect round shape
I'll get to see the laugh lines etched into your skin
I'll get to see that smile of yours
The one I'd always try so hard to keep on your face
But soon you'd turn to me too, and smile again
You'll squeeze my hand, and I'll smile back


And then you'll say something I'll never forget
You'll say something I could've sworn I've heard before
This isn't the future
It's a memory
One that's becoming clearer and clearer. 
It's how our last life ended
The last memory the both of us shared together
The one that I remember perfectly


You'll turn to me, and you'll say those words once again
The ones I can't wait for you to say, 
But not ones you can say too soon
Just three little words


"We Made It."

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