Pure and white

Immortal in her fright

Carved by a man

Defiled by one too

The horror of a woman

Is multiplied when considering 

His manipulation

A malleable medium for miserable ideas

The general public need not consider further

What a wonderful idea

The master's newest creation!

An evocative wonder

So impassioned, so raging

What trivial creatures

Should be kept in a box

Imprison them in form

Imprison them in mind.

Those that think otherwise

Do not let them be in kind.

Admire the statues

Line them up in rows

Cover their imperfections

Never let one show

Shackled in grace

Their true nature is disgrace

Better to be an exhibit

To be a pretty face—no.

A work of art

Because at least what's behind a face

Is a free heart.

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Our world
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