Starry Night

Do you make wishes at 11:11Do you plan from 11:09 When your hope bubbles over andAll of your troubles and desires File into a line where the biggest dream races practicality for a spot in the frontAnd converts to words soon to be evaporated into air? Do you make wishes at 11:11? Does your heart fumble when the clock strikes In an anxious battle with your lipsWho never seem to move quite fast enough For trailing wishes to carry over intoThe dark bedroom? Do you make make wishes at 11:11?When promises made in the daylight are too bright and become phosphenesBarely recognizableAn anomaly of the most disappointing kindWhen the blush stained sky remembers you andIn a bashful, pitiful wave of the hand promises you chance after chance…. Do you make wishes at 11:11? And what do you wish for?Do you wish for lovers’ lust or for pocket’s overflow?Do you wish for silent screams to turn to soundAnd owl’s mocking to cease long enough For eyes to rest and heart to beatFor blood to flowAnd your soul to keep? Do you wish for time to race?Do you beg for time to moveTo favour you for once, to flatter youDo you plead for once to be something moreTo go to a place where fingers don’t just count but tinkerWhere voices are tsunamis not waves of soundWhen not where you are not justBut you are all  Do you pray at 11:11Do you cry at 11:12?

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