Thu, 01/02/2020 - 19:53 -- Aegis

Starlight does not waver

Though it twinkles in our view,

It quietly but boldly floats

In the midnight blue.


Starlight does not bicker

It doesn’t make us slaves,

It shines when it is visible

And waits while it is day.


Starlight does not sear our eyes

With pain and agony,

It lets us see sky plainly

And guides us on our way.


Starlight is always constant

It never goes away.

If we place roofs over our heads

It’ll patiently in sky stay.


Starlight lives in darkness

But that doesn’t make it die,

It shines on for all of us

And inspires us to try.


Starlight deserves better

than to perform for me and you,

But despite our dying eyesight

Some see past the view.


Some of us are able

To see and love the stars,

And then, without us knowing,

Their radiant light is ours.


Starlight is the guiding light

that leads us up to Heaven,

And when we see the Son of God

We’ll see Starlight again.



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