star crossed lovers

Mon, 09/02/2013 - 21:25 -- mtrice


(we are) 1,300 miles away from each other 
so far 
but if we look up at the sky at the same time
it is the same night
there are (the same stars)
the same questions
i wonder if (and i hope that) you will remember your promise
i can’t believe you would although
(you couldn't forget me)
we were intertwined in our hearts and once upon a time in our hands
by day i wait and (i hope)
i watch for sunlit guides from you
at night, on passing comets, we wish (that we might cross each other again)
or i often do.
on the loneliest of nights, i only wish that you do too.
(when the nights sparkle as we do, i wish on our stars for you.)



Please first read the poem with parentheses and all, then without parentheses, and then read the parentheses only. Thanks and hope you enjoy!


This made me tear up a little bit.

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