Star Between Two Palms


19851 Breckenridge Dr. Unit 202
United States
42° 42' 54.558" N, 83° 2' 52.0584" W

Look up into the sky, young man,

after a night of your worst ordeals

and place that star between your palms

the single glimmering point on a blank canvas


Perhaps it’s a sign of good fortune-

a thousand rewards will come your way

Perhaps it’s a message from god-

you will be given eternal life way up there

and ascend from the perils of life

reincarnated as a majestic mark on the night.


But gaze longer, young man,

and see the light begin to flicker.


See how it weakens and fades

behind the illusion of time,

See how it drowns

beneath the layers of darkening space.


And though, young man,

this star may not be earthbound

it's timebound and shackled

forever traveling forward with deliberate ticks.


Where you stand now is a wonderful place

everything around you glows with life.

You can't bring it with you when your time comes.


Just remember that you are strong, young man

for you can frame destiny between your palms.

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