Standing in the Kitchen

Sat, 06/07/2014 - 19:05 -- KevinD


Kevin Smith

Started as a small task soon turned mission. No bread rising my brains heated standing in this kitchen. Recipe I thought was right but I needed seasoning standing in this kitchen take my plate down clean it make sure theirs no food, dirt, or debri leftover on my dishes wait, hold up lemme check again before I add this chicken. So carless forgot to cook it guess it needs some fixin. So I cooked rught natural herbs and spice rice plotted with my biscuits started eating bit off more than I could bite standin in this kitchen. So I stepped back back coughed a little chocked it kinda scared me then I though to myself said"brother nah whats the hurry sit and watch your father do it. Sit back and observe it live and learn to cook your meal before you mix abd stir it. Now be mindful dont take to long, time moves in a hurry. Know you could slip up and get a lil dirt dust them blinds off so you can see what your doin things get blurry.Dust and debri is a bitch if you dont wipe it off in a hurry but dont worry.Those bicuits will rise, they will rise. Im going to make it to five star dishes standin in this kitchen.

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