Stand Up For Free Speech

What is this crap called hate speech that they invented?

Those who regard the truth as hate speech spit in the face of free speech.

People have the right to like or dislike anything or anybody.

And we have the right to express our views publicly on any issue.

It is sad that we live among so many hypocrites and idiots.


Everybody should boldly stand up for free speech now.

Some people only support free speech when it is convenient for them.

The administrators of some websites have no integrity,

But this is not surprising because they are driven by greed.

Anything that involves money leads to corruption and compromise.


When we speak the truth, lovers of lies label us as extremists or bigots.

Those who live unnatural lifestyles do not have more rights than others do.

Gays, bisexuals, and transgender people can express their opinions freely,

So heterosexuals should have the same right and privilege.

It reaches the point where straight people have to protect their rights.

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